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admin | Dec 01, 2022

Nicholas Hoult’s Passion for Racing Ferraris: “Terrifying” — In a Good Way

As he drove toward the Sonoma Raceway in a $275,000 Ferrari Roma, Nicholas Hoult was becoming increasingly nervous. “I’ve loved car racing since I was a kid, so the opportunity to actually do it, I would be absolutely insane to pass up,” the 32-year-old actor said, his sharp blue eyes widening behind oversized Fendi tortoiseshell sunglasses. “But it’s also terrifying. I think it’s always good to get yourself outside of your comfort zone.” 

Hoult has had to drive on-screen many times before, in The Young Ones, in Collide, and most notably in Mad Max: Fury Road. But he has recently been prepping for a more difficult real-life role behind the wheel. He’s been training with Ferrari to potentially join their Challenge Series, a program of races the Italian supercar brand sponsors for owners of its cars.

Hoult drives an electric Jaguar I-Pace in Los Angeles and a motorcycle when in London, and doesn’t own a Ferrari. But, working in concert with the brand, he has attended Ferrari-sponsored driving courses over the past few years, driving a track-only, 670 hp Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo at private circuits in Florida and California and even on the Formula One course in Austin, Texas. The weekend, when The Hollywood Reporter rode shotgun with him, it was his first time on the track without an instructor, and with other cars racing around him.
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admin | Nov 23, 2022

Nicholas Hoult Talks Playing a Try-Hard Foodie and Anticipating Nicolas Cage’s “Original” Dracula

The actor teases his teamup with Cage in the upcoming Universal movie ‘Renfield’: “I don’t think there’s two more iconic things than Dracula and Nic Cage.”

Nicholas Hoult savored his experience on the set of The Menu. 

In Mark Mylod’s darkly comedic thriller, Hoult plays Tyler, an overzealous foodie who brings Anya Taylor-Joy’s Margot to a remote island dining experience, hosted by Ralph Fiennes’ celebrity chef, Julian Slowick. Tyler desperately wants Margot to revel in the experience like he is, but she remains thoroughly unimpressed by the proceeding until things take quite a turn.

Because of the nature of his character and the way Mylod shot the film, Hoult had no choice but to eat more than he usually would in any given scene.

“With Tyler, I just had to be constantly eating. Mark [Mylod] also shot this film with roaming cameras, and I just wasn’t sure what was going to be on screen at any time. So I just had to dedicate myself and commit to eating,” Hoult tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Hoult is also looking ahead to his second collaboration with Nicolas Cage courtesy of Chris McKay’s Renfield. The English actor plays the eponymous role of Renfield, the right hand to Cage’s Dracula, and Hoult can’t wait for the world to see what Cage has cooked up.

“To get to work with him whilst he was playing Dracula, I don’t think there’s two more iconic things than Dracula and Nic Cage,” Hoult shares. “As a person, he’s such a pure soul to be around, and I’m excited for people to see what he’s done. It’s original, but it’s steeped in a lot of history, Dracula history and folklore. So it’s exciting, even though it’s a very bizarre, elevated tone for an action-comedy.”

In a recent conversation with THR, Hoult also discusses his conversations with Taylor-Joy about acclaimed filmmakers George Miller and Robert Eggers, as Taylor-Joy prepped for the former’s Furiosa and Hoult preps for the latter’s Nosferatu.
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admin | Nov 23, 2022

Drinking Tequila With Nicholas Hoult: Talking About His New Film ‘The Menu’

In the new film ‘The Menu’ Nicholas Hoult and Anya Taylor-Joy play a couple who travel by boat to an exclusive restaurant on a small island. But what starts off as a satire of an exacting chef (played by Ralph Fiennes) and his impossibly precious tasting menu soon takes a dark turn as the guests realize there’s more danger than food on the menu. I spoke with Nicholas Hoult about his own culinary tastes, how he approaches making his characters more unique and why it’s more fun than usual to prep for a film about eating.

In ‘The Menu’ your character risks everything to experience the ultimate tasting menu. Did you indulge in these type of meals for ‘research?’

A lot of times you’re preparing for a role and you’ve got to get to the gym — whereas for this it was ‘all right, sit on the sofa and watch Chef’s Table.’ I did go to a couple of fancy restaurants, not ones that were as intense as the one in this film, and that was one of the joys of this project. It was eye opening to look into that world and see how dedicated these chefs are and I was completely in awe of what they create.

Has it changed the type of places you like to go out to?

No, it’s a nice treat occasionally, but the restaurant in the film is so pretentious that when they bring out the bread course they don’t bring any bread, because bread isn’t meant for this (wealthy) clientele. I would never want to be in a restaurant like that. I’m a much more normal, home-cooking person, so I like a comfortable easy place.

Are you a home chef?

Yeah, I love cooking. I really get into it when I’m not shooting. I find it nice to be in the kitchen. And I’ve recently got into baking too. When I’m traveling a lot and not getting to spend too much time at home I like to do a Sunday roast. I like the ritual of it. They’re also pretty easy, you know. Throw it in the oven for a few hours and presto!
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admin | Nov 23, 2022

Nicholas Hoult Says He’s ‘Excited About Being Really Pushed’ in Upcoming ‘Nosferatu’ Movie

Nicholas Hoult is set to costar with Bill Skarsgard and Lily-Rose Depp in Robert Eggers’ upcoming Nosferatu remake

Nicholas Hoult isn’t shooting his upcoming Nosferatu remake yet, but he’s excited to get started.

At the New York City premiere of Hoult’s new movie The Menu on Monday, the 32-year-old actor told PEOPLE that he’s spoken about working with director Robert Eggers with his The Menu costar Anya Taylor-Joy, who worked with Eggers on 2015’s The Witch and 2022’s The Northman.

“She said that Robert, in terms of being a director, is unbelievable in his pursuit of the right storytelling but also demands a lot of his actors and that’s something I’m excited about,” Hoult tells PEOPLE of advice Taylor-Joy, 26, has given him on working with Eggers.

Hoult added that he is “excited about being really pushed” by director Eggers, who had The Northman star Alexander Skarsgård add about 20 lbs. of muscle to play a Viking warrior in his epic revenge movie released in April.

“I’m a fan of the original film but also I know [Eggers has] wanted to make the movie since he was eight years old, so I’m excited to see what he brings to that story and I hope I can serve it in a good way,” Hoult says of the upcoming movie.

Hoult said Monday that while he is not yet at work filming Nosferatu, Eggers “just started sending me some costume looks and some makeup looks the other day” for his yet-to-be-revealed character.

“Gradually, the momentum builds and the ideas build and the intensity and reality of it all build and once the first day comes about, hopefully that’s reached a peak and we’re ready to go there and and the emotions are all bubbling,” he tells PEOPLE.
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admin | Oct 19, 2022

Nicholas Hoult Broke The Great Emmy Noms News to Elle Fanning

Less than 24 hours before the 74th annual Emmy Awards kicked off in Los Angeles, Nicholas Hoult was behind the wheel of a race car, speeding through the Sonoma Raceway in Northern California during the Ferrari Challenge. But on Monday afternoon, the star of The Great, who was nominated for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for the Hulu show, found himself in an altogether different environment: the basement of L.A.’s Soho Warehouse Hotel, where he was preparing for television’s biggest night. (He didn’t stay on the West Coast for long—the next day, he flew back to London to continue filming season three of The Great.)

Despite all the movement, the British actor had a calm, laid-back outlook about the next few hours, which saw him getting ready to hit the red carpet in a ’70s-inspired Dior suit with a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch. “I didn’t even really think about today until yesterday, when I got off the track,” he tells me over the phone, adding that he is an automobile enthusiast. “Then suddenly, I was like, ‘Oh, the Emmys are tomorrow.’ Up until then, I had just been concentrating on the racing and driving.”

As Hoult tells it, finding out the news of his nomination had a similar relaxed vibe—and, incidentally, he was driving at the time, too. “I honestly forgot about it, until my phone started popping off a little bit,” he recalls. “I was like, what’s going on here?” He then called his partner, who revealed to him that he had been nominated. “I was like, ‘Hey! That’s good,’” he says.

After finding out his costar, Elle Fanning, had also snagged a nomination for Lead Actress, he got her on the horn—and ended up breaking the news. “Elle was actually filming that day,” he adds. “Normally, she doesn’t have her phone on her, but for some reason, that day, she did. I was like, A-ha! And I screamed congrats. She was like, ‘Wait, what?’ And I was like, You’re nominated!’ Then we both just screamed down the phone at each other for a second.”
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admin | Aug 19, 2022

‘The Great’ Star Nicholas Hoult Says His Character Can “Turn on a Dime”

The first-time Emmy nominee explains the different sides of Peter III and why playing the Russian royal is so rewarding.

“I’ve had probably more fun playing this character and being in this world than I had for a long time,” says 32-year-old Nicholas Hoult as he considers the impact of portraying the often-impulsive, venal, cocksure and imperious yet increasingly evolving Russian Emperor Peter III on Hulu’s The Great opposite Elle Fanning’s Catherine the Great. “And I think that’s something that audiences can pick up on.”

Indeed, the second season of Tony McNamara’s (The Favourite) pseudo-historical period dramedy — which veers from staggeringly funny to painfully moving in seemingly effortless brisk turns — has earned accolades aplenty, including Primetime Emmy nominations for both Hoult and Fanning, due in large part to the lively sense of fun that pervades it.

“Someone said that it seems like all the cast are having the best time, and we are!” Hoult tells THR with a laugh as the English actor (who lives in L.A. but travels to the U.K. frequently) reflects on the delights and challenges of the season. “I feel fortunate to do what I do, but I also care about it a lot. And sometimes when you care about things too much, that could actually hinder in a way. When you’re having fun, you end up doing your best work, and there’s a freedom that comes with that as well. I would like to think that’s something that I can take forward working from now, where there’s just a joy and a fun in it.”

As you dug into this season and all the different shades and colors of Peter that you got to play, tell me about making your own mental road map and all the adjustments you made throughout the season.

Peter is someone that on first impression does a lot of terrible things and is a horrendous human being to be around most of the time. But Tony’s got a fantastic way of really exploring all the grays within all of his characters and creating a world where they can make mistakes. But Peter is someone who’s always trying, in some ways, his best, despite the fact that he’s been brought up in such strange circumstances that he can’t quite empathize or feel what other people would. It’s been really fascinating, to be honest with you, because Tony writes as we go. As the map unravels in front of me, I gain it as you would as an audience member, I suppose.
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admin | Jun 03, 2022

“So Much Fun It’s Ridiculous”: Nicholas Hoult on Learning to Race Ferraris

The Mad Max: Fury Road actor, who recently completed the Italian auto manufacturer’s intensive Corso Pilota driver-training course, recalls a life of adventures on four wheels—including that time he got in a crash while dressed as Posh Spice.

Nicholas Hoult has been playing with cars for as long as he can remember. The actor—best known for his starring roles in About a Boy, Skins, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Great, and the X-Men movie franchise—told Vanity Fair that some of his earliest memories revolve around “sitting on the floor with toy cars and pretending to race them around and crash.”

Hoult is now living out his childhood fantasies. Working with Italian super-car manufacturer Ferrari over the past couple years, he has participated in the brand’s intensive, four-part Corso Pilota driver-training course, on three different racetracks around the U.S. This recently granted him the privilege to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo—a 670 horsepower, track-only, twin-turbocharged monster that the prancing-horse brand builds for its customer-focused Challenge racing series—and pilot it around the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin, Texas.

Though he’d completed the thorough training, driving a race car still required a steep and surprising learning curve. “I mean, I couldn’t even figure out how to turn it on at first,” Hoult said, laughing. “But, even going back before starting it, just getting in and out. I’m not a small person. And I was looking at the car, and there was a roll cage and everything. And I was, like, I’m not sure how to get in and out of this.”
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