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admin | Aug 19, 2022

‘The Great’ Star Nicholas Hoult Says His Character Can “Turn on a Dime”

The first-time Emmy nominee explains the different sides of Peter III and why playing the Russian royal is so rewarding.

“I’ve had probably more fun playing this character and being in this world than I had for a long time,” says 32-year-old Nicholas Hoult as he considers the impact of portraying the often-impulsive, venal, cocksure and imperious yet increasingly evolving Russian Emperor Peter III on Hulu’s The Great opposite Elle Fanning’s Catherine the Great. “And I think that’s something that audiences can pick up on.”

Indeed, the second season of Tony McNamara’s (The Favourite) pseudo-historical period dramedy — which veers from staggeringly funny to painfully moving in seemingly effortless brisk turns — has earned accolades aplenty, including Primetime Emmy nominations for both Hoult and Fanning, due in large part to the lively sense of fun that pervades it.

“Someone said that it seems like all the cast are having the best time, and we are!” Hoult tells THR with a laugh as the English actor (who lives in L.A. but travels to the U.K. frequently) reflects on the delights and challenges of the season. “I feel fortunate to do what I do, but I also care about it a lot. And sometimes when you care about things too much, that could actually hinder in a way. When you’re having fun, you end up doing your best work, and there’s a freedom that comes with that as well. I would like to think that’s something that I can take forward working from now, where there’s just a joy and a fun in it.”

As you dug into this season and all the different shades and colors of Peter that you got to play, tell me about making your own mental road map and all the adjustments you made throughout the season.

Peter is someone that on first impression does a lot of terrible things and is a horrendous human being to be around most of the time. But Tony’s got a fantastic way of really exploring all the grays within all of his characters and creating a world where they can make mistakes. But Peter is someone who’s always trying, in some ways, his best, despite the fact that he’s been brought up in such strange circumstances that he can’t quite empathize or feel what other people would. It’s been really fascinating, to be honest with you, because Tony writes as we go. As the map unravels in front of me, I gain it as you would as an audience member, I suppose.
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admin | Jun 03, 2022

“So Much Fun It’s Ridiculous”: Nicholas Hoult on Learning to Race Ferraris

The Mad Max: Fury Road actor, who recently completed the Italian auto manufacturer’s intensive Corso Pilota driver-training course, recalls a life of adventures on four wheels—including that time he got in a crash while dressed as Posh Spice.

Nicholas Hoult has been playing with cars for as long as he can remember. The actor—best known for his starring roles in About a Boy, Skins, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Great, and the X-Men movie franchise—told Vanity Fair that some of his earliest memories revolve around “sitting on the floor with toy cars and pretending to race them around and crash.”

Hoult is now living out his childhood fantasies. Working with Italian super-car manufacturer Ferrari over the past couple years, he has participated in the brand’s intensive, four-part Corso Pilota driver-training course, on three different racetracks around the U.S. This recently granted him the privilege to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo—a 670 horsepower, track-only, twin-turbocharged monster that the prancing-horse brand builds for its customer-focused Challenge racing series—and pilot it around the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin, Texas.

Though he’d completed the thorough training, driving a race car still required a steep and surprising learning curve. “I mean, I couldn’t even figure out how to turn it on at first,” Hoult said, laughing. “But, even going back before starting it, just getting in and out. I’m not a small person. And I was looking at the car, and there was a roll cage and everything. And I was, like, I’m not sure how to get in and out of this.”
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admin | Mar 21, 2022

Nicholas Hoult On How Holding Back Can Sometimes Propel You Forward

After finding global fame with 2002’s About A Boy, Nicholas Hoult decided not to pursue acting.

However, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Friend of the Brand came back, garnering a string of successes in a career that has become emblematic of how we sometimes need to hold back to propel forward. Discovered at age three by a theatre director when he tagged along with his siblings in the theatre circuit, Nicholas Hoult would later shoot to international fame with his stellar turn as the oddball son of a suicidal hippy mother in 2002ʼs About a Boy.

Three years later though, during a stint at the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London, Hoult decided he did not want to pursue a career in acting, but merely dabble in it as a hobby while he pursued more traditional academics. Yet fame called on him again. He was nominated for Best Actor for his role in the television teen drama Skins.


Feeling overwhelmed by the attention, Hoult almost retreated, but ultimately decided to take the plunge. It is said that child actors don’t usually go on to become successful adult actors, but Hoult would find his first role as an adult actor in Tom Ford’s 2009 directorial debut A Single Man.

The film earned Hoult a nomination for the BAFTA Rising Star Award, and the English actor has remained on an upward trajectory since. He has well and truly established himself with a slew of iconic roles, most notably as mutant superhero Hank McCoy, aka Beast, in the X-Men franchise.

In 2021, he played Peter III in Huluʼs original series The Great, a role which has earned him a Golden Globe nomination in the category of Best Television Actor in Musical/Comedy Series for two consecutive years. That same year, coinciding with 90 years of Reverso, JaegerLeCoultre released The Turning Point, a short film in collaboration with Hoult.

Filmed in Switzerland by French director-cinematographer Théo Gottlieb, it is a beautiful reflection on life’s turning points and a mirror of Hoult’s own journey. AugustMan caught up with the actor-philanthropist in an exclusive interview to talk about those pivotal moments that determine whether we remain as we are, or change gears to go further.
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admin | Mar 21, 2022

Nicholas Hoult talks social anxiety, growing up in Wokingham and three-year-old son

The A-list celebrity shot to fame in About a Boy and in a recent podcast he discussed what life was like when he was a child and what’s it been like to become a father

Nicholas Hoult appeared on a podcast on Valentine’s Day where he talked about life as an actor, including where he went to school and how he deals with social anxiety.

Hoult grew up in the village of Sindlesham in Wokingham, Berkshire, and shot to fame at just 12-years-old when he starred alongside Hugh Grant in About a Boy.

The actor has now been in the film industry for 20 years, but he’s a relatively private person and doesn’t often discuss the depths of his life.

However, on the podcast Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, the celebrity shed some light on what his life has been like ever since he shot to fame all those years ago.

Now 32, the A-lister has a three-year-old and discussed how his life has changed following his son’s birth.

Hoult said that it’s “really fun” being a dad and revealed that life as a father has made him realise that having a kid requires you to be a “different level” of fitness.

On the podcast, Hoult and Shepard also talked about what it was like for him when he was growing up.

Dax noted that Hoult was “basically raised by women” as he grew up mainly around his sisters and his mum.

He then said that he wishes all men could be raised in an environment with lots of women and Hoult agreed with this sentiment and said: “It’s been good for me.”
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admin | Feb 03, 2022

Nicholas Hoult Stole From Olivia Colman’s ‘The Favourite’ Performance for ‘The Great’

Nicholas Hoult’s résumé is full of surprises, from action blockbusters to darkly comedic historical fiction. The British actor’s career began in the mid-1990s when he was just 7, and has included major roles in 2002’s “About a Boy,” the “X-Men” franchise, and 2018 prestige hit “The Favourite.” It was the co-writer of the latter, Tony McNamara, who tapped Hoult for another period comedy, Hulu’s “The Great,” in which he steals scenes as the sweetly pompous Peter III.

What has playing Peter added to your acting skills?

Certainly working with that cast, and particularly Elle [Fanning, who plays Catherine]. I’m always watching how other people are bringing characters to life; that’s always a big learning curve. You watch someone develop their character so beautifully, and you go, Oh, that’s something you can take and learn from. Going into “The Great,” I had [just had] a front-row seat watching Olivia Colman in “The Favourite” and what she did with that character and that brilliant cast. I had a little tutorial in things to try and do with that world and those characters. What’s the old saying? ”Steal from the best”?

Did you audition for “The Great”?

I didn’t have to read for Peter. I was fortunate—I had done “The Favourite” with Tony McNamara, who wrote that and “The Great.” He saw what I did with the character in “The Favourite” and liked it, so he mentioned to me that he had this other idea of Catherine the Great’s story, sent me a script, and said if I was interested, would I like to play that character? I was in love with his writing. That was the greatest honor and gift he could ever give, letting me do more of this dialogue. I read that Peter role on the page and was like, This is really bizarre and fun and unexpected. It was just very exciting each day going in and getting to play that role, because I’m never quite sure what he’s going to do.

What’s your worst audition horror story?

At an audition when I was fairly young, I had been told I could use my own accent for the character. Then I turned up and casting asked if I could do a Hispanic accent, which I realize now in hindsight would be something I should have never even been in the room for. Obviously, I underprepared and was not ready to do that. I was racking my brain, and the only reference I had was Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots [in “Shrek 2”]. I was trying to replay that in my head and come up with a Hispanic accent on the spot. It was horrendous. I didn’t progress past whatever round it was—and rightly so.
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admin | Nov 26, 2021

‘The Great’ Season 2: Nicholas Hoult on Playing His Own Lookalike and Acting Opposite a Corpse

After its superb debut with season 1, The Great is back with another strong, if not funnier and raunchier season telling the not entirely true account of Catherine the Great’s rise to power in Russia and her tumultuous marriage to Peter III. Nicholas Hoult, who portrays the violent, sex-addicted and sometimes daft emperor opposite Elle Fanning’s power-hungry empress, talks to ET about Peter’s attempts to win back his crown after hastily abdicating the throne to his pregnant wife and trickiness of playing his own lookalike in season 2.

Picking up months after Catherine launched her coup at the end of season 1, Peter is initially on the run. But because he’s not someone who necessarily strategizes or plans ahead, “Peter loses his whole empire because he gets too hungry and signs it over for a roasted ham,” Hoult says. As a result, for the rest of season 2, he’s a prisoner in his own palace.

Initially, Peter’s quite content with his life as a kept man. He’s relieved of the pressures of ruling over Russia and is free to indulge in various pursuits, such as learning karate, studying meditation or practicing the violin. “He’s quite happy being kept in the palace, getting to do all the things he loves, trying to better himself, and getting on with his life without the stress of being the emperor,” Hoult says, adding that “it’s only on in the season that he starts to feel that perhaps has been made to look like a fool or that he gave up.”

Once that notion sets in is when the real chess match between Peter and Catherine begins, as she’s forced to deal with his antics all the while she’s trying to bring the enlightenment to her adopted country. But complicating matters even more is the fact that Peter loves Catherine and seems hellbent on proving his worth to her, even if she’s not interested.

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admin | Nov 19, 2021

Nicholas Hoult: A Tsar Is Born

How that adorable kid from ‘About a Boy’ survived childhood fame (and a very bad ‘90210’ audition) to become TV’s favorite despot on ‘The Great’: “I feel like I’m very much at the start of things still.”

“Are you interested in how I got dog poo on my face when truffling?” asks Nicholas Hoult one chilly October morning, seated at a tucked-away eatery in North Hollywood. Something in the way the 31-year-old Englishman says it — brightly, eagerly, as if he’s offering a tea cake — makes it sound not entirely unenticing.

So this is how Hoult got dog poo on his face when truffling: It was spring 2021, and the actor was in a forest somewhere outside London filming the second season of The Great, Hulu’s breakout dramedy about the rise of Russia’s 18th century ruler Catherine the Great, which returns Nov. 19.

Hoult plays her spoiled and volatile man-child of a husband, Peter III — a bravura performance that earned him Golden Globe, SAG Award and Critics Choice Award nominations — while Elle Fanning plays the empress, whom last we saw staging a successful coup against him.

And so now Peter is being held captive inside his own castle. When Catherine refuses to let him and his beloved poodle out on a promised truffling expedition (Peter is an unabashed foodie), he outruns the guards and storms into the woods in a fur hat and nightgown to root out some truffles on his own.

“So I was snuffling through the woods,” Hoult continues. “We finished a take, and there was a slightly green, weird mud on my face. And I was like, ‘Oh. This is definitely poop.’ For some reason, it had snowed in England. Didn’t see the poo.”

No one can appreciate the humor in that humbling situation more than Hoult, who, figuratively at least, has had to endure countless such indignities on his journey from child star (starting with that bowl cut he sported in his breakout turn in 2002’s About a Boy) to handsome leading man.

Case in point: By 2008, Hoult, then 18, had found continued success in the U.K., having starred in Skins, an edgy young adult series that brought him what he calls “a weird-ish level of fame because only people in your age group are watching.” But he was struggling to find a footing in Hollywood.
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